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93 Construction Consultants, LLP

93 Construction Consultants, LLP is a women owned construction company based in Louisiana. Our native founders have always loved local architecture and culture. With backgrounds in real estate, design, planning, compliance and insurance; we look forward to exceeding your expectations. 
We hold the Louisiana Certifications: SEBD & The Hudson Initiative

Modern Architecture

93 Construction Consultants, LLP

Our Mission

We are committed to leading the industry and becoming a first choice by demonstrating quality workmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service. 

With backgrounds in real estate, design, planning, compliance and insurance...


Apartment Building


Residential & Commercial General Contracting

Schools, offices, schools, apartments, and housing complexes are some examples of what we can construct for you. 

Modern Architecture


Planning & Designing:
Structural & Interior

Whether structural or interior, the foundation of your building is conducive to your safety and the longevity of the building. We are here to ensure that you have a solid foundation, no matter if it's for your business or your home.

Under Construction


Real Estate Development 

With the complexity of this process, our job is to ensure your part is as seamless as possible.Whether we are building a new structure, modifying an existing one, or simply improving any piece of the real estate, we are here to provide exceptional work for you.

Modern Kitchen


Renovations / Remodel

Rustic, modern, or even classic looks to a home can really say a lot  about a home. We'll discuss your vision and produce to you what you consider your dream home or even office. Don't have a vision in mind or can't quite explain it? With our extensive  backgrounds in design and planning, we can help your imaginations run wild with the ideas we develop for you.

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